Lead Auditor Training

This course is intended for auditors belonging to WRAP’s accredited monitoring firms who are seeking to lead an audit team in auditing a facility's social compliance management systems against the requirements of WRAP, conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), and local laws. This course is conducted by full-time, experienced trainers and International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) approved social systems auditors with a wealth of practical knowledge.

*This course satisfies the training requirements for those who wish to register as Lead Auditors with IRCA.

About this course

What you will learn

Introduction to social auditing

Review of the elements of relevant ILO conventions

The 12 WRAP Principles

Why management systems are important management tools

Audit planning

Audit program initiation

How to conduct interviews

Conducting document reviews

How to identify fake documents

Audit personnel safety requirements

Opening meeting case studies and role plays

Virtual interactive facility tour

Wage and working hour calculations

Reporting of corrective actions

Confidentiality of information collected during the audit

Closing meeting, case studies and role plays

Meaningful corrective action plans

Documentation of audit reports

Admission Requirements

This course is intended only for WRAP’s accredited monitoring firms.



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