WRAP 与工厂的关系

社会责任不再是服装业买家和品牌担心的次要问题。对于服装业而言,验证并确保供应链的可追溯性和可见性至关重要。WRAP 通过认证与培训计划,帮助生产企业将进行负责任生产实践的承诺传达给他们的潜在客户。


持有 WRAP 证书可以向潜在买家证明其致力遵守符合道德、负责任的商业标准。这也证明工厂已经遵守经营所在国家的法律,尊重工人并让其有尊严地工作,且清楚其作业对环境的影响。 WRAP 证书是受到广泛认可的符合社会和道德标准的象征。

WRAP 与品牌和买家的关系

尽管世界可能会变得越来越小,服装供应链却继续跨越国界不断发展,并广泛涉及当地海关、法律制度、经济制度和各国传统。监督全球供应链的完整性需要投入大量资源,包括时间、金钱甚至人力。WRAP 能帮助您以有效、低成本的方式保持供应链的完整性。


WRAP 认证是世界服装行业内受到广泛认可的社会责任证书。我们的认证对象是单独的生产单位,他们允许我们的审核员“实地”了解工厂的运营情况,并确保工厂坚持践行符合社会责任的做法。所有证书根据其级别需要定期更新,所有获得认证的工厂在认证期间都要接受突击性的后续检查


培训对企业运营的各个方面至关重要,当然,也包括企业的社会责任。WRAP 的培训计划为企业提供切实可行的方案,帮助企业将社会责任理念运用于企业日常运营中,并确保企业符合 WRAP 的 12 项原则。WRAP 是国际审核员注册协会 (IRCA) 认可的培训机构之一,所有课程均可用多国语言、在不同地点提供。


WRAP 与公众的关系

WRAP 的目标是为了确保工厂以安全、负责任和符合道德的方式进行生产。基于 WRAP 的 12 项原则,我们通过认证和培训计划向全世界的工厂推广合法的、人性化的生产。与其他类似的社会责任计划的最大不同是我们专注于供应链管理的基本要求。WRAP 只对个别工厂进行认证,也就是说,获得 WRAP 证书的工厂必须已经通过由 WRAP 审核员进行的检查,并且随时都要接受突击性的后续检查。

Because the quality of our audits are crucial to WRAP's mission, all of our auditors receive thorough training via our Lead Auditor Training Program. In addition, we also offer an Internal Auditor Course that educates facility personnel at all levels, from workers to senior management, about WRAP's social compliance requirements and how develop and maintain them within their facilities. Our course offerings have also expanded throughout the years to meet the changing needs of the garment sourcing community. The most notable of these is our Fire Safety Awareness Course, which was launched in 2011 in Bangladesh and has since expanded to several other countries around the world.





A WRAP certification means that your facility is currently meeting (or exceeding) international social compliance standards. This provides a level of assurance to potential buyers that is widely recognized and accepted. Using WRAP to help secure your supply chain, you can raise your profile in the eyes of some of the notable brands and retailers that accept our audits. To learn more, please click below.

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